Loans like Speedy Cash

loans like speedy cash


Ever been in a situation where you are urgently in need of cash and you do not have it? I could say that a large number of adults at one point in their lives had experienced or is experiencing this. This could come bugled with a lot of worries and uncertainties. But over the years, Speedy cash has been a wonderful source of financial support to many customers. Not limited to that, many loans just like speedy cash also exist just for you. So what is speedy cash all about?.

Speedy Cash Loans

Speedy cash is a popular financial industry that offers loans in the form of a payday loans, installments loans, title loans, and so on to people either online or physically. Its operation is fast & secure and you can surely apply for a loan with the use of their app, and receive your money in one business day, as soon as you are verified and approved. Whether you are a first-time customer or you are a regular one, speedy cash is always ready to serve you with a quick-to-get loan. With speedy cash loan, you can borrow up to $5000 installment loans and you can receive the money within a day after you are verified. It is available across 27 states in USA including Arizona, Louisiana, Colorado, California, Alabama, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi etc. This sounds great, right? Yes of course, it does. Apart from speedy cash, there have been several loans just like the speedy cash in recent times. These loan platforms operate just like speedy cash. In the next section of this article, we would look at four amazing Loans just like the speedy cash that you can try out today.

Four Loans just like the Speedy Cash


Opploans gives you an installment loan which must be paid in nine months to two years. This huge period of time makes it more accommodating to customers as you’ve got a good number of months to pay. You can borrow from $500 to $4000 and you will receive your money within one business day. Depending on the state you are in America, the monthly income requirement varies from state to state. However, it is not also present in some states like Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, South Dakota, West Virginia, and so on.

Advance America

This offers online and physical lending platforms to its customers across 26 states in America. The loan range offer is not more than $1000 on the maximum and you can get this within one business day after applying. Advance America gives customers a reduction in repayment if the payment is made early. It has its presence in Ohio, Oklahoma, Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Idaho, Delaware, and so on.

Check into Cash

This also offers you an online and physical money lending platform. It is available across 28 states in America and you can either apply for a payday, installment, or auto title loan just like the speedy cash. It gives you up to $1000 on the maximum and this still depends on the state you are. It is present in Oklahoma, Colorado, Michigan, Delaware, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and so on.

Cash Advance

Cash advance is a good-to-go online lending platform for customers who do not have a credit score. Unlike Speedy cash, it offers a great opportunity for those who have no credit score to borrow from its platform. So either you have cash in your account or you are totally out of cash, this online lending platform is here to save you. You can borrow as low as $200 and as high as $10,000 although repayment must be done within a year.


Getting a loan should not add up to your everyday stress. Remember, there’s no one best loan for everyone. It still depends on your personal needs.

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